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Dragon Quest heroes: Rocket Slime (Game Review)

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Dragon Quest heroes: Rocket Slime (Game Review) Empty Dragon Quest heroes: Rocket Slime (Game Review)

Post by VZero on Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:56 pm

Dragon Quest heroes: Rocket Slime (Game Review) Dragon-Quest--Rocket-Slime--1

Introducing one of the most underrated DS titles of the library of the DS, as you can see by the box cover
theres alot going on, and thats one of the best part of the game. First thing I would like to mention that yes this is a spin-off game from the Dragon quest/Dragon Warrior Series, but lemme start by saying this is the 2nd best spin-off game I've ever played(Mario kart taking 1st) Anyways lets jump into the review, the story is quite simple, The evil group known as the Plob kidnap all 100 residents of your hometown, and its up to you to save them all. The Gameplay is split into three parts, first part is when your in town, here you can buy items and weapons for your tank(which I'll explain later) and also unlocking bonus content as you rescue more of the townspeople. The 2nd part is the actual adventure, you run around different parts of the world, bashing badguys, collecting items, and of course rescuing your fellow towns people, and during exploring these vast and huge maps you come across other Tank generals, and then here we go, the best part of this game, THE TANK BATTLES!

Dragon Quest heroes: Rocket Slime (Game Review) RocketSlime1
Adventure gameplay

The tank battles are by far one of the funnest game aspects I have ever encountered in any video game. Here you are pitted in a four vs four battle as the object is to destroy the enemy tank. The tanks all have a set of HP as the options to attack the enemy are various. You can shoot objects at your opponet from your tank, and yes by objects I mean anything, as you can load your tank with anything, empty boxes, rocks, Swords, Rockets, hell you can even shoot yourself out of the cannon, and thats badass. As aside from shooting the cannon, you can always inflatrate and sabotage the enemy by taking their ammo or you can sneak up on the enemy and start killing the enemys or start wrecking their tank. The Tank battles by far make this game VERY fun to play, and yes they are everywhere, you WILL encounter alot of tank battles....which is great! and after you completed the main game, you can always tank battle whenever you want earning bonuses and extra weapons Cool and even cooler some of the towns people you rescue you can recruit them to your tank

Dragon Quest heroes: Rocket Slime (Game Review) 932684_20060822_screen015
Tank battles are sooooooooooooooo much fun

Alright after going crazy on gameplay, I'll go on to the graphics. The graphics are bright and cartoony, people may seem that this is a turn off, however i think it suits the game great, and makes it more like a comical story, speaking of which theres many funny parts to this game, as well as some parts in tank battles are funny aswell. Anyways now to the sound, the sound is pretty well, the grunts and warcrys of the little slimes are hillarious, and the soundtack pumps you up for epic tank battles. Overall a pretty good soundtrack to this game.

Closing comments: This game is well worth to get if you can find it used at your local gamestop, hell i even reccomend it if you can get it off ebay if you can. This game will keep you busy and you'll like every second of it....and best of all its portable! The only thing thats keeping this game perfect is the lack of multiplayer, theres local multiplayer..but would of been better if there was wifi, exclude this and you still got one hell of a single player ahead of you and very addictive gameplay.





Lasting Appeal:9/10


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Dragon Quest heroes: Rocket Slime (Game Review) Empty Re: Dragon Quest heroes: Rocket Slime (Game Review)

Post by Leemaster777 on Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:58 pm

Hmm, interesting. I've seen this game in stores before, but I never gave it a second thought. I may have to check on this, now.

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