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Mafia Rules.

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Mafia Rules.

Post by Fizz on Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:41 pm

READ THIS. Even if you know the basic rules.

In Mafia, your goal is to either kill as many townspeople as possible, or to kill the members of the mafia, depending on your role.

Note that to vote you mist type KILL: [MEMBER] (in all caps and bolded).

The day phase lasts for a certain 12-hour period (usually), while the night phase lasts for the other 12 hours.

As for voting, The member who gets the most votes will be lynched. An overall majority is not required. NO LYNCH is an option.

You must be active during the time when the game is going on. If you sign up but do not take part, you may be disqualified from future games. Make sure to check back often after you sign up because oftentimes you don't know exactly when the game will start, due to waiting for enough members or something like that.

some website wrote:How to play: After enough players join, a certain number *a large majority* is selected to be townsfolk. Only a few players, usually 2-4, will be the mafia. The only players allowed to talk to each other outside of the topic are the mafia, in PMs, to discuss strategy. NO TALKING ABOUT THE GAME OUTSIDE OF THE TOPIC. I don't want dead people telling what they observe to the living players left.

The game is split into two phases. During the day phase, everyone can talk, and try to figure out who is the mafia and such. You can cast a vote to lynch a player, by posting a bolded and in all caps KILL: [PERSON] Once a majority has been reached, that player is then strung up like a pinata, and the night phase begins. EDIT: you can change your vote as much as you want. Cuz you guys obviously can't make up your minds > : (

During the night phase, NOBODY CAN TALK *post in the topic*. The mafia PMs me with the person they wish to kill, and villagers with special powers PM me with their action.

After the night phase ends, I reveal the side the lynched player was on, and I also reveal the outcome of the mafia's kill. The day phase begins once again, and all the LIVING players can continue to discuss the events and vote to lynch again.


This cycle repeats itself until a win condition is met:

All the mafia players are killed. The town wins if this happens *including dead townsfolk*
All the townsfolk are dead, or the number of mafia alive are equal to or greater than the number of townsfolk. The mafia wins *including dead mafia*

If you are DEAD, you are not allowed to post in the topic until one side has finally won. Dead men tell no tales.

If you are a TOWNSFOLK, you are not allowed to discuss things with other townsfolk in the chat or in PMs. All chat goes in the topic. No talking during night.

If you are the MAFIA, you are allowed to talk to the other mafia outside the topic, to discuss strategy and confirm your kill target every night.

The roles:
Regular Townsfolk: You're just one of the dudes trying to live. No special power. Just because you don't have a power, doesn't mean anything. You still have the power of a vote. Use your vote wisely, and try to lynch the mafia. Kill or be killed.

The Sheriff: Nobody knows who you are. Every Night Phase, you can choose one player to investigate, and what you find will tell you if they are GUILTY or NOT GUILTY of being mafia. *PM me who* YOU ARE THE ONLY SPECIAL ROLE THAT CAN IDENTIFY YOURSELF PUBLICLY IN THE TOPIC That, however, doesn't mean people will believe you, as a mafia could say he's the sheriff and call a townsfolk guilty, and get them lynched. Be wary, and use your power wisely. Try to guide the lynching vote towards who find to be guilty. Don't reveal yourself unless you are certain that you can win it by doing so, otherwise you'll find the mafia putting you at the top of their list.

The Doctor: Once again, nobody knows who you are. Once every Night Phase, you can select one player, and choose to save them. *PM me who* If they happen to get killed by the mafia, you save their life, and they DO NOT DIE. You can only save a person once per game, even if it does nothing. YOU CAN SAVE YOURSELF TOO You are not allowed to tell other people that you are the Doctor, though. Use your power wisely, and prolong the life of the townsfolk.

The Vigilante: You are a trigger happy townsfolk with a high powered sniper rifle. Sucks that you only have ONE BULLET THOUGH. Once per game, during the Night Phase, you are allowed to kill ONE player. *PM me who you wish to kill* Once thats through, you are back to being a plain old townsfolk, so be wary of using your power, and make sure you don't kill A FELLOW TOWNSFOLK. Wait it out, try and figure out who the mafia is, and put a bullet through their head. Oh yeah, and if the Sheriff investigates you, YOU WILL APPEAR GUILTY. BEWARE.
Also, the Doctor can SAVE the person you choose to kill, so if the doctor chooses to save a mafia member *not knowingly of course*, and you kill, it fails.

Mafia: You sly dog you, during the night phase, you and your no-good friends come together, choose a target, and PM me with your victim. They will promptly get shot/burned/turned into meat pies/some various hilarious death form, and you are one step closer to victory! You are also allowed to attach a note to the corpse, in order to add to the confusion and perhaps even try to frame somebody. Watch out though, that Goody two shoes Sheriff can sniff you guys out, so try to find him and... show him your "little friend". Also, theres some crazy nutjob vigilante who got his hands on one of your boomsticks, and is out to get you. Try to throw him off, and get him to do your work FOR YOU. You aren't allowed to give up and tell everyone that you're mafia, no ditching your buddies.

All players are allowed to vote during the day. Once a majority is reached, the voted player is Lynched. You are not allowed to vote for yourself. You CAN vote to kill nobody, if you don't feel up to killing somebody. If no majority is reached, no one dies, and Night Phase begins.

Day Phase lasts till a majority vote is reached. Night phase lasts ONLY 12 HOURS, so if you fail to pm me your action fast enough, you WILL BE SKIPPED. THIS INCLUDES YOU, MAFIA. If I receive all the actions before 12 hours, I will skip straight to Day Phase. VIGLIANTE: If you are still alive, I'd appreciate it if you pmed me, even if you don't use your power. That way, I'm not stuck waiting for your trigger happy ass for 12 hours :/


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